Tour Of The Photography Department


Tour given by Kevin.

Shown how to log on the IMac computers,
Talked about how to pay for printing paper and lazar printing(go down to library pay on to macs),
Given price list for printing,
Told how to access the college wifi,

Walked on a tour,
Shown fire exits(one at either end of the building) ,
Shown a Mac computer room free to do work at any point in the week,
Given a tour of the dark room(spoke about the extent ion of the dark room and the 3 new enlarger machines) (shown wet area and dry area, always to keep separate),
Shown around the studio( natural light window in the celing) (make sure everything is tiered away after use),
Shown the printing room,
Shown the equipment room(booking out system, scan card and fines for late returns),
Shown editing suits,
Shown lazar cutter room,

Given our student email:
To communicate with staff via this email,
To get on to it go to – Blackburn college website –


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