Contextual studies 3


Notes from lecture:

Contextual 3
1. Comparing 2 artwork 

William Holman hunt (1827 – 1910)

The awakening Conscience 1853/4. 
This painting has a moral about it, a very complex painting with vibrant colours, skilfully painted,

Henri Matisse (1869 – 1954) 

Portrait of Madame Matisse / the green line 1905. 
Visible brush strokes, ruff finish, Japanese look, not much detail, figurative with essence of abstract, untraditional, not naturalistic colour, there’s no narrative, 

2. Comparing 2 modernist works: Henri Matisse, portrait of Madame the green line, 1905
Figurative, it is independent, there is no story, 

Piet Mondrian, composition 1921,
Abstract, black colour, use of primary colur, is independent, there is no story 
Characteristics of Modernist art:
Modernist art is none narrative.

It shows the subjective view of the artist, the artist has creative freedom to paint their view.

There’s an idea of universal essence.

It is ortonamous it doesn’t relate to anything outside it.

Other Holman hunt work: scapegoats 
Fauvism: wild/naive/savage 
Look up: Henry peach Robertson (photographer)

Oscar rejlander (photographer) – moralistic subject matters

Frank medow suctcliff 

Peter Henry Emerson 

Reading from lecture:


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