Planning a photography project lesson one notes.

Planning A Photography Project.
Lesson 1.
Look up : Matt Stuart
When looking at a picture:

1. Recognise 

2. Compare

3. Meaning 
Important elements to photograph:

1. Visual Irony

2. Decisive

3. Juxtaposition 
‘A photograph provides an opportunity’
‘A photograph allows us to share a unique personal vision’
‘Photographs allows a type of communication that words or verbal explanation cannot achieve’
Book: John Berger – Ways of seeing 
Picture – Eiffel Tower, Paris – Marc Riboud 1948
Quote: ‘The target of our line of sight is reality, but our framing can turn it into a dream’ 
. The unexpected or the unplanned can be beautiful.
Look up: Sebastian Salgado,

                Gold miners, Serra Palada Brazil 

. The photograph is a time capsule.
Look up: Chris Killip


Go out in Blackburn and try to shoot images that include – visual Irony

                                   – Decisive moment 

                                   – juxtaposition 
1 image needed.


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