Contextual 7 notes

Contextual studies 7 
1. What do we by ‘aesthetics’?

It is what something looks like. You describe art according to its aesthetics.
2. Clive bell ( 1881-1964)

Critic and writer, was part of the Bloomsbury group based in London. He tried to devise a signal theory to describe all art. 
What is bell’s hypothesis?

He thought there was a signal theory of art.
Bells question (slide 2)

What’s is art?

What makes it good or not? 
3. Range of artwork (slides 3-10)


A. Painting, religious, Fresco, 1463, Italy

B. Painting, Fresco, Italy, 1305, religious,

C. Glass, stained glass, 1200’s, gothic

D. ceramic,

E. Painting, ancient Egyptian hunting scene, 1500BC, fresco 

F. Painting, 1904, riverbanks, post impressionist, semi figurative,

G. Sculpture, angle of the north, made of iron, 20th century 

H. Building/church in BCN, 1892
Culture/ context:


4.The aesthetic Hypothesis (1914)
Main points from the text:

A. What is ‘aesthetic emotion’ and why is it important (p.107/I.1-13)

It’s a peculiar emotion provoked by a work of art, all sensitive people can feel it but not everyone can feel it. Curtain good art can give you this feeling.
B. What is ‘significant form’? 

What links the art is significant form. Lines and colours connected in a particular way.
C. What is ‘descriptive painting’?

Not good art. They don’t move us they don’t give the aesthetic feeling, they are not works of art.
D. Can ‘descriptive painting’ be good art? 

Yes only if it also has significant form.
E. Summary of bells attitude:

We don’t need to know about the artist or his history or even what the art is about. It’s about the art use of colour and lines.

Formalist approach. 
6. Can we apply it?

A. Fauvism (Derain) Yes

B. Cubism (Braque) Yes

C. Grosz/Dix Dosnt work well because it ignores the story of the artwork.

D. Surrealism (Magritte) Dosnt work well because it ignores the story of the artwork

E. Kandinsky Yes

F. Mondrian Yes 


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