35mm film lecture 


Film lecture in studio:
Use 1/60 shutter speed, 

Light meter:

The in camera light meter will not work you need to use a hand held light meter,

Set the hand held light meter to flash,

Set the shutter speed on the hand held light meter, 

Hold the hand held light meter in front of where camera where the subject you are shooting will be the, it will give you a meter reading, then set your camera aperture to the meter reading from the hand held light meter.
Developing film intro:
Use a tongue retriever to get the end of the end of the film out the canister,

Then cut the corners of the film,

Use a spiral at the size at 35mm,

Place the film on spiral in the pattinson universes tank,

Use ID11 solution,

Use kentmere 100, 300mil for 1 35mm film,

9 minutes,

Use water and all solution 20 degrees C,

Use half a lid of acitic acid in the water,

Ready mix fixer at 300mil,

Set the timer for 9 minutes,

Start the clock and pour the developer in and let the air out and adgetate for 30seconds then adgetate for 10 seconds every 1 minute, 

After 9 minutes put out the developer then put the stop watch for 30 seconds and adgetate, then pour out the fixer after 30 seconds and pours out and put in fixer for 5 minutes, 

First 30 seconds adgetate and for 10 seconds after every minute, 

Then pour out and fill with water and do 

– 20 inversions then pour out,

– Fill with water 

– 30 inversions then pour out,

– Fill with water

– 40 inversions then pour out,

– Leave washing for 20 min 

– Wetting agent – 10 seconds (only use a drop)

– Take out the spiral and take it to the dryer 


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