Contextual 8

Contextual 8
1. Traditional materials in art:

Oil paint,

Canvas/ wood panel, 







Stone, (Nobel materials)

2. Futurist sculpture: Umberto Broccioni (1912) main points:

Positive outlook on the future, interest in dynamism and movement, mechanisation, all for change,

Futurist used the styles of cubism,

Technological developments let people work at night which brought new colour for the futurists to explore,

3. Josef Albers (1888 – 1976)

Characteristics of work:

Worked at the Bouhouse university 
Main points:

Uses glass,

1 pane not manny pieces put together 

Abstract (abstracting somthing from the real world) 
4. Russian constructivist (1920s)

Historical/political context:
Beginning of the Soviet Union,

Lenin (leader) said artists are like an any other workers they are useful and need to work similarly to other worker (must be useful for the people),

They had a rejection of conventional painting,

Some of There artist were still interested in avontgard art,

Some art worked with this frame of mind e.g. Textile designs, fashion,


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