Breif 3 shallow depth of field

For the shallow depth of field brief I wanted to shoot a portrait because I find I enjoy shooting portraits.

I had a perfect model which was my little brother. I noticed that the light coming through the window was soft. So I positioned my brother at different distances away from the window to see where was the best place to shoot.

I shot many photos trying to get in close to is face and always focusing on his eyes at a the lowest FStop my 50mm lens would shoot at, which was 1.8.

I took many photos for this breif, shooting at different distances from the model and postitioning the model at different distances away from the light source (widow) and from the background.

I chose this shot to show at the show and tell part of the brief.

This was because I believe it has a good depth of field. The eye is in focus and gradually falls out of focus towards the back of the models head. Also the light is soft on the face as it curls to shadow on the right side of the face, the expression of the model also give the photograph a good punctum.


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