Brief 4 flower in vase 

This breif was simply to shoot a flower in a vase. Here is the PowerPoint we where shown in class.

I had a very specific vision for this project, I wanted to shoot a tall rose in a thin vase. I went and looked around some charity shops and found the perfect vase, and then went and bought a bunch of flowers which had roses in it.

I wanted to have a strong shadow of the rose incorporated in the final image. At first I was going to go into the studio to try and create this bit lucky it was a very sunny day so I decided to try using natural light. 

I took the vase and rose outside and placed it on the concrete, it created quite a long shadow because it’s Autumn and the sun is low in the sky. I pent a long time trying to frame the flower and shadow in a symmetrical way. Here is the outcome from the shoot.

I then noticed that across the street there was a building with a very prominent shadow and I thought it could give my photograph a different look. I placed the flower mercer to the shadow so the shadow of the flower and the wall were parallel and shot these images.


I am happy with he outcome of both of these images. I prefer them in black and white but I was encouraged to show them in colour for the show and tell part of the brief. I enjoyed this brief and experimenting with shadow, I feel I would like to try and do this shoot in the studio as first planned. 


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