Brief 5 Great Britsh

As briefs go this was very vague, first things that came to mind was quintessentially British for example; tea, mince pie, British flag etc. I wanted to do something a little different. I looked out the window and I saw rain so I decided to shoot something to do with the Great British weather.

I had an idea to shoot people with umbrellas. I didn’t have an image set in my mind but I felt I would see the photograph soon. I went out and walked around for about 3 hours, but the rain was on and off so there was not a steady flow of people with umbrellas. I eventually asked my girlfriend to come out and use her as a kind of model to create the type of image I wanted. Here are some of the photographs I got incorporating umbrellas.

Whilst out trying to create an image incorporating umbrellas I saw a couple of decisive moments that felt they could fit in the parameters of the brief.


In the end I chose the last image in this list for the show and tell half of the breif. I like the simplistic nature of the photograph, I like how the shadows of the tree and person almost touch at the bottom of the photograph, it also has a quite charm about it which means British to me. 


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