Home Work – BMX Crook

In early Autumn I went out and shot photos of Danny Crook. I wanted to make use of the beautiful light of autumn. Here are some of the photographs I shot.

I shot the image underneath useing a fish eye lens on a high shutter speed to catch the movement without blur. Ideally I wanted danny to be in the centre of the two buildings, but I only had one chance to shoot this because its was a hard trick for him and he could easily get hurt and it would be unfair to him to ask him to repeatedly do this with the high potential for injury. I positioned myself low to the ground and where I thought he would be in the centre of the frame. I wanted the buildings to bend inwords as if to frame him as he is doing the trick.

On these last two photographs the light was low and almost setting so I wanted to make the most of the warm light so I shot into the direction of the sun using the post to obscure it slightly.


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