Studio – Forks

Once again I find myself wanting to experiment with shadows of objects. I decided to see what images I could create useing 3 forks on a wooden board. I set up a flash with a snoot to create a focused light source on the subject. 

I set the forks up on there side, close to each other and shot directly down from above the forks. 

I shot the first three images at ISO100, F2, 1/60 shutter speed. I tried to shoot at these angles but I didn’t think the positioning of the forks were befitting enough to what I wanted. 

I repositioned the forks to see if I could amplify the shadows. I also noticed there was a hotspot at the bottom left of the photograph so I put the shutter speed up to 1/200 to try and even up the light.

I didn’t like the new position of the forks I wanted the forks and there shadows to be as symmetrical as possible. I also didn’t like the white reflections from the forks. I moved the flash light back and put it more of a straight on angle facing towards the table to try and exaggerate the shadows.

I repositioned the forks and also changed the angles I took the photographs from several more times. Also changing the shutter speed slightly depending on how close I got to the subjects. I wanted to try to keep a shallow depth of field so I shot all images below at F2.

I like the outcome of these images but I tried out a couple of shots at F8 and shutter at 1/20 to see if I could get everything in focus. 

I feel I didn’t quite achieve getting everything in focus. If I was to re-shoot this I would use a higher FStop and slower shutter or a brighter flash. I like the compositions I created with these forks and I feel I made use of the shadows well. I edited one of the images in post production to see what it would look like in black and white.

I personally thinks it looks better in colour, the brown tones and knots of the wood give a punctum to an otherwise simplistic photograph.


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