Contextual 9 – Notes

Contextual studies 9.
1. What are disciplines?






2. Importance of materials in Madernism:


Josef Albers

Glass work
Henri Matisse

Red studio, 1911 


Works with glass

He manipulates his materials /  

Constantin Brancusi (1876 – 1957)

Born in Romania 

Minimal sculptural impressions of people

He exaggerates form

General trend in art and design? 

Striped down to there essential parts


‘Nothing extra’ Bowhouse school (Germany)

3. Artist and disciplines 

Laszlo Moholy – Nagy ( 1895 – 1946)


Worked at the Bowhouse school,

One of the artist to move the school to America when WW2 happened,

He was interested in typography and printing,

Main points from set text

Texture all to do with the personal vision of the artist,

Went off texture, wanted a more direct and in voluntary,

Interested in science 
Important point

Moving away radically from what an original artist is

Moving art on

‘He wants to achieve a machine-like perfection’

Things should be able to be mass produced,

Technology progressive, 
Example of work 

Worked in many different disciplines,

Experimented with new mediums,

Started to work on aluminium,

Experimented with photograms,

Telephone paintings,
(Book about photography- a new vison – Laszloh Moholy -Nagy)
Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948)

Ideas about art & the artist:

Art is about bringing all things together,

Also gave his work serial number titles,

He wanted no boundaries between art,


Was in the Dada movement,

Examples of work:

2D work, 


Made 3D assemblage work,

Grafix and picture poems,

He made ready mades,

Contrast with Moholy-Nagy:

They lived and worked together for a while,

Similar with their ideas of mass producing art work,

Dada movement:

Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968)

Brought humour to art,

Interested in art in language,


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