Trying out a 20mm lens

I borrowed a 20mm lens from Kevin to try out over the weekend. I wanted to shoot BMX but I couldn’t shoot as much as I wanted Because of the bad weather but I produced a few images. 

On Saturday night I we went to ride in an underground carpark because it was bad rain outside. It was very dark in the carpark so I put the ISO very high to 6400 so I could have a high enough shutter speed to catch the movement of the BMX. I set the shutter to 1000 and pasture to F2. I set the camera to monochrome so it was easier to see the range of tones, I decided to also shoot  in monochrome because of that reason.

We went out street riding the next day and I shot a few more using the 20mm lens. 

I really like shooting with this lens, it seems like a lens that only has specific uses, for example to get up close to the subject whilst getting as much background in the photograph as possible. I will try this lens out again soon but put less pressure on making myself use it for every shot and only use it when the situation requires it.

This was the same shot but using a 50mm lens.


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