BMX shoot – 24 to 105 Lens test and Sequenceing 

I wanted to test out a 24-105 lens to see how much use I can get out of it because I’m looking for a new lens to buy.

I arranged a BMX shoot for the next sunny day and then we went out around town to see if we could shoot some photographs.

I really liked the 24-105 lens because it is a good wide at 24 and it’s a little tellephoto at 105.

Here are some of the photographs I captured.

A lot of BMX and Skate photography use sequences to show the path and movement of the riders while their doing tricks.

For example here is work from BMX photographer Jason College.

I wanted to try and learn this same technique so I can use it in my photography.

Here was my first attempts at this kind of  photography.

How I created these image was to first set my camera to continus, which allows you to hold the shutter button down and the camera will automatically shoot continuously.

I would shoot each photograph at an angle where the rider will move trough the frame from one side to the other.

When you have shot all the separate images you need to choose the frames  which will best describes what the rider is doing, it is best to do this in as least frames as possible.

With the chosen frames you put the images into photoshop, you then auto-align them, add layer mask to each image and proceeded using brush tool to brush out the rider from the first image. Press cmd-I and click on the next image and brush out the next rider and press cmd-I. Do this to each rider until all are in the same photograph then save.


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