Experimenting with moving sequencing

After creating images that have a sequence within them to show the path of the individual in the photograph, I waned to see if instead of simply layering several photographs on top of each other to create the sequence, to use video editing software to play each image in sequence one after another. As seen below.

I put the frame rate to 25 frames per second, and I had each image at about a fith of a second.

I recorded the sound separately on a sound recorder to give it atmosphere. Then I matched the sound as close to the sequence as possible.

I shot the same sequence but from a static angle. I put the video together in the same way apart from I gave each image longer on screen before the next image appears.

I think this didn’t work as well as the previous video because it didn’t flow as well, it was bit jumpy. It was also more difficult to match the sound to the image because of the images being slower to appear on the screen.

I experimented with doing the same kind of animated video but to pause the main image out of the sequence momentarily.



I think this works well. The main image out of the sequence is the one where the rider is in the air, when this is on screen longer than the rest so the viewer instantly knows that this is the pinnacle point in the sequence.


I have been searching the web to try and find similar work to my own. It is effectivly stop motion using photographs shot in a sequence. After some searching I found this work by the skateboard videographer Don Luong.


It is very similar to what I have created but it has been created in a different way. They started with video footage and created the stop motion look from that instead of how I stated with single images and created a stop motion look from them. Also I had to shoot the photographs then record the sound separately when Luong would have the recording from video camera he used. There are some aspects within Luongs video that I would like to explore but I feel the way I work to get this type of stop motion look has a better overall outcome and I’m going to keep experimenting with this medium in the future.


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