Planning a Photography project idea

I want to follow a collective of BMX riders from Blackburn to discover how they look at the town. A certain perspective that has been overlooked by almost the whole of Blackburn. BMX has had a brief but powerful history in the town, it had a dedicated BMX shop for almost 10 years and now has an indoor skate park after years of potations and and great pushes by the BMX community.

The element of this community I want to focus on is the sub genre of BMX called street riding. This is one of the most social aspects of the sport. Basically its having small adventures around a town or city to try and find interesting elements of buildings, sculptures, stairs, hand rails, or any type of architecture that can be ridden. These small adventures often take them to places they would otherwise never see or even want to go in their own town under normal circumstances. But often they come upon new interesting places, sometimes coming across old run down mills, secret pathways, or just a massive stair set.

Its what comes next that is the most intriguing part. These riders will jump off roofs, fly down hand rails, and spin down stairs all in the name of fun and a passion for BMX. Through injury they will fight to go ride their bikes, through the freezing cold they will still go out to ride, they have an overwhelming love and devotion for their sport. I hope to capture some of their passion and adventure thought this project.

I want to shoot using digital and film to bring a variety to this project. I will try to get out and shoot whenever possible, weather permitting and when the BMX riders are available. We will organise on the days of shooting about which area of the town we will explore next.

The out come of the project will be 10 photographs containing a mixture of riding photographs, portraits, life style shots and anything of interest we may come across along the way. With potential to make a zine from the excess photographs that may not fit into to the 10 photographs for the brief.




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