1 hour project: flowers

We had a lesson with Matt in which he showed us work from Imagen Cunningham and Carl Blossfeldt, then we where given a selection of flowers and told to go shoot something creative. We only had a very short time frame of an hour to shoot the photographs and then given half an hour to edit them.

I took a small bunch of bright yellow flowers and went outside to shoot, I came across a kids park that had recently been demolished  and thought if I placed the flowers in the centre of the park it would have a contrasting effect. As if new life had sprung up from recent destruction. Here was my final shot after bringing up the vibrance a small amount in lightroom.




I think the photographs worked out well, it has the impact that I wanted to create. I shot it with a 24mm lens to show a wider view of the landscape surrounding the flower.

I also quickly set up a light in the studio and shot another type of flower. I used a macro lens to get in as close as possible to the flower.



I shot the flower on top of glossy sheet of plastic which gave a nice reflection, I brought up the vibrance once again to give the green colour of the flower more of a lively look.





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