Shoot 1: Lark Hill Flats

For the first shoot of the project we went out around the town centre and searched the area surrounding lark hill flats, some of the only high rise flats left in the town. We found two tennis nets in a school made out of metal which where a perfect hight to ride. We rode the spot for a while, then when Danny one of the riders in the group was comfortable riding the set up we went ahead and shot a photograph.

I opted to shoot a sequence of the trick he was doing because it had several moments within the trick and a sequence would help show the viewer what is happening in the photograph. Shot facing the direction of one of the high rise flats and I used a 24mm lens, 1/800th shutter speed to be able to freeze the movements of the rider without blur. Because of the high shutter speed I had the IOS at 2000 and I had the aperture at its widest which was 4.0.

Altogether I shot 4 photographs then in post production using photoshop I merged them into one final image.


re edit

I am really happy with how the final photograph turned out, I think with the slightly wide angle of the 24mm making it possible to get in quite close to the subject whilst also being able to fit in a lot of the background in the frame gives the photograph depth.

The clouds in sky makes Danny really stand out and makes him the punctum of the the photograph.  Also I wanted him on the right of the frame, because I wanted him to be in the sky and not be drowned out by the high rise flats.

I would like to get a portrait of each of the riders involved in this project as well as a riding photograph.

Also on this day I shot another photograph of Danny close to the cathedral in the town centre of Blackburn. I shot the image with a fish eye lens and unfortunately it was not focused on Danny, the photograph came out blurry on close inspection.


I chose to shoot this with a fish eye lens so I could fit Danny and the cathedral in frame. Also there is only one aspect of the trick that we need to see unlike the lark hill photograph so there was no need to shoot a sequence for this trick. I wanted the cathedral in frame to give a sense of location. It is like the new building on the left is towering over the old cathedral, in a sense the new is dominating the old and framing Danny in the centre of the two buildings give the photograph a good sense of composition.

I plan to re-shoot this and make sure that Danny is properly focused.





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