Contextual 14

Contextual 14: Late Modernism – Subject Matter & Content 
Early Modernism:

Late Modernism: 

1.Willem De Kooning (1904-97)

Abstract Expressionism 


Dutch arrived in America as a stowaway,

1940s lost off black and white painting,

Interested in mythology,

Liked the idea of flux (the finished painting might be different in the end than first planned),


He has suggestions of figureism and cubism in his paintings,

His work has a seance of movement,

Woman Series (1950-53)

Become famous for portraits of woman,

Looks animalistic,

Not a portrait of a woman but woman generally,
Text: What’s his attitude to subject matter? 

Subject matter is not the point.
Subject matter vs Content 
2.Adolph Gottlieb (1903-74)

Subject matter is not the point.
3.Mark Rothko (1903-70)

Text: what is their position on subject matter? 

All good painting must be about something.

Painting should be about something that is timeless.
Their interested in the creative ideals,

4.Barnett Newman (1905-70)

Late Modernism’s relationship to Early Modernism?

5.Jean Dubuffet (1901-85)

Primitive perspective,


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