Shoot 2: Bike Throw

For the second shoot I wanted to get the tops of the buildings throughout the town centre and obviously incorporate my theme BMX. Wanting the tops of the cathedral to be in as a main part of the scene I looked for higher ground that I would be able to face the cathedral.  I want the cathedral in the photograph because it gives a point of reference. After searching for an ideal spot for a while we came upon Thwates car park which had the perfect view of the town. There wasn’t much to ride and it was a very cold day so I asked if my model Sam if he could throw his bike into the air and I shoot it before it hit the ground.






I liked the silhouette look with the deep blue and orange tones of the light. We spent quite a considerable amount of time trying to get an image that we liked, fighting the sun as it set. Finally getting something we were happy with.


Unknowing what I was looking for before I saw the image, I now know I was waiting for that decisive moment when the composition felt right. The BMX is nicely silhouetted in the top centre of the photograph, framed by the silhouettes of Sam throwing the BMX and the Cathedral in the background.

Shot at ISO400, 1/8000 shutter speed because I was shooting directly into the sun, using a 50mm lens with Fstop at 1.8 so I could get a shallow depth of field to blur the back and foreground and also to help silhouette them.

I purposely wanted to have the bike out of focus, I wanted a more abstract look at the BMX and the background. So I focused on an area of the ground just in front of the BMX.




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