Shoot 3: Queens park and beyond

I planned for me and Danny to go explore queens park and and the surrounding areas. Danny was the only rider available on the day. We set off towards Queens park, but not before a very northern breakfast of Greggs Pizza.



When we arrived at queens park we couldn’t find anything to ride so I decided to shoot some images of Danny on one of the paths through the park. As it is winter the sun is low with the light passing through the trees giving a stripy pattern to the floor. I had Danny stand and then ride through the centre of the path.




We left the park and searched the area of the old Queens Park high rise flats for something to ride and shoot, but to no luck. We rode through a housing estate and then came upon the back end of the hospital. Searching the hospital there wasn’t much to ride but we thought that a trick on the helipad might look cool so I set up and Danny did a bar spin and a tail whip. I shot them with a fish eye lens but once again the images have come out slightly blurry! I’m not sure if it the lens or me but I will fix the problem.

I shot looking into the sun using ISO200 and 1/1600th of a second. I tried various angles and distances of from Danny but they were either to far away or they had my shadow in the photograph. Here are the 2 best from the helipad.




Moving on we stopped off for a well deserved coffee break at the Starbucks on the edge of town.



Often when searching for new and interesting places to ride we come across spots that look fun to ride but are obstructed by a fence or two. Riding through an industrial park after our coffee stop, we saw a flat bank, which is a horizontal wall at about 45 degrees. It was just at the entrance of a security guarded section of the industrial park. We went in for a close inspection of the flat bank confidently riding past the security guards hut. The flat bank was well lit and had looked a perfect place to shoot the next photograph, but when we approached the bank the security guard came alive out of the daze he seemed to have been in when we rode past him and walked briskly towards us  and raised his voice. We calmly told him we had only entered to take a look at this flat bank because it looks good to ride. The security guard looked bewildered and and asked us to leave. We did so but with every intention to someday come back and shoot a photograph on that flat bank.

We carried on through the industrial park which was on the very fringes of Blackburn and came across a bridge over the motorway. The sun had just started to set and I stopped to shoot a photograph of Danny looking wondrously into the sunset. Instead he took a drink of some water and spat it out. Shot at F/1.8 so the background would fall out of focus, at ISO200 and a shutter speed of 1/4000s because I was looking on to the sun.


This is one of my favourite images from the shoot. The lines of the fence lead you to Danny and the water spitting out his mouth leads you away again. Also the lines of the rode lead into the distance towards the sun set. I think this would be a good last image in my 10 portfolio images.


With the idea of heading back home after a long day and almost 15miles under our belt I wanted to visit another spot that was close by. Another motorway bridge with when shot at the right angle had beautiful leading lines. I firstly asked Danny to stand in the centre of the bridge with his bike facing me and then to do the trick of a bar spin again whilst taking a couple of shots here and there when he is off guard.







I thought this was a very successful shoot, we had explored an area of Blackburn and I have documented a BMX riders adventure in his home town. I hope to do this with each rider form the town to build up a picture of the BMX community in Blackburn.




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