Shoot 4: Town Centre

For this shoot we met in the town centre near the town hall. On meeting a took a shot of each rider that came out for the day.









A brisk February day we wanted to make the most of the dry weather but we underestimated how windy is was going to be. After meeting and discovering the harsh wind we headed to find cover in Morrisons carpark. On the way we rode past a street we see almost everyday but have never been up. We headed up the street but discovered it was a dead end. On the way back down the street we saw a wall that looked ridable. I shot a photograph of sam attempting to ride this wall.


I shot this at 53mm using a 24-70mm lens at ISO200 with F4.0, shutter speed at 1/1000 to be able to capture movement without blur. I chose to make this image black and white because the colour tones where very orange/brown because of the wall and this was over powering the photograph, attention away from the rider. I wanted to shoot the photograph with the cathedral in the background to show we are in blackburn. I like the geometric shapes of the square cut outs in the wall and the lines of the wall and the direction of the street lead the viewers eye to the cathedral and in the direction of where sam is riding.


We reached Morrisons carpark and the guys were riding a curb in between the ramps that lead up and down to each floor. Sam wanted to shoot a trick with several components in it, I set my camera to continual shooting and set my lens to 24mm with the intention to make a sequence photograph. I shot at 24mm focal length so I could fit more in the frame, I shot at ISO100 and at a shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second because it was bright and I wanted to freeze the motion of sam on the bike.


Deciding to shoot into the sun so I could get a lens flair and show that it doesn’t just rain in blackburn but the sun comes out once in a while. I used techniques learnt through this year to create this image, I spoke about it in earlier blog entries. Following the flow of the image from right to left sam is entering the photograph on the right and is in the trick in the next three sequences of him and in the last he has landed the trick and is riding off.

We was on the way out of Morrisons exiting through the supermarket itself, Danny saw the escalators and wanted to do a bar spin into one of the escalators. I shot the photograph twice, once without people in the image and one without.



Shot on a 50mm lens, ISO1000 because of the poor light and because I need to keep the shutter speed at 1/1000s to be able to capture moment without blur, f-stop at 1.8 also because of the low light.

I am happy that I took the time to re shoot the photography with people in it. I think composition is better with the people on the right side. I chose to make the photograph black and white because there was a range of colour temperatures within the photograph making it look unusual. The black and withe just shows the tones, and I think this works well for the image.


Heading to the next spot I captured two images of Sam with a strong reflection of the sun bouncing off of a window behind him.




We searched the area close to Morrisons and came upon a rail in the grounds surrounding the Thwaites Brewery. Sam was the first to bunny hop over the rail. I tried a few different ways of shooting tricks at this spot because the guys were riding it a lot.


Shot on a 24mm lens ISO2000, f/4.5 and shutter speed at 1/1000s.

Danny also hopped the rail I tried to shoot using the fish eye lens but once again it blurred.


I tried these to lenses and framing because I want to get the Thwaites building in the background. But I decided to shoot from a low angle facing the opposite way from the building for Danny last hop over the rail were he tried a trick called a toboggan.


Shot at 1/1000 of a second, ISO500 because I was in the shade and aperture F4.0.

I think this angle works the best as you can see clearly what the rider is doing.


For the final stretch of the day we rode through an industrial estate close to Thwaites Brewery. The riding was done for the day so I got some shots of the guys as the sun went down.




I asked the riders to ride past me in a line because I felt that the street we where on felt like a quintessentially blackburn street. I think it sums up BMX and Blackburn. Shot at 1/1000 of a second at ISO500 and at 24mm.

I think itĀ achieves what I wanted but I would try to recreate the same shot in different locations next time, to see if it would work better.




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