Contextual 17

Contextual 17: Late Modernism- Materials and media 2
Other Late Modernist artists Jean Tingly (1925-91)

Jean used recycled materials, what is interesting is that you use something that has an original form, giving the object a second life.

He made memetic sculptures, sculptures that moved,

Interested in humour in art.

Used water in his sculpture ( he likes water because it’s lack of shape, the immateriality, it’s lack of form)

Interactive art.
He was a member of the new realists.

Characteristics of the work:
New realist group

Main points from text: 

Arman (1928-2005)

Art is a slice of life.
Daniel Spoerri (b.1937)

Real fallen objects then attached together then attached to the wall.
Gerard Deschamps (b.1937)
Christo (b.1935)

He rapped things.
How does this fit in with Late Modernism?

A new connection with life real objects,

It pre figures pop art,

It’s more to do with a specific object,

See more of this opening up,

A wider scope of materials,

Modernism starts to disintegrate its becoming one with mass media,

Piero Manzoni (1933-63)

Used a range of materials, pebbles, cotton, fibreglass, bread rolls

Everything was white (achrome) 

Everything was textured,

Living sculpture,

And full of his poo,

A balloon full of his breath (an artist being in the art)

The public ate some of the the exhibition.

David Roth (1930-98)

Used chocolate a lot in his work,

Good in art is not permanent!

The idea of change,

Subject natural processes.

Gustav Metzger (b.1926)

 Attacking art as a comdataty
Alberto Burri (1915-95)

Destructive processes,

Jean Tinguley (1925-91)

Also made art that destroyed itself,


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