Contextual 20

Contextual 20
Late Modernism- Disciplines 2 
1. Early HIGH Modernism:


.No Narrative.


.Characteristics of the work obvious.

.Challenging the viewer.

2. Late Modernism 
A. Photography 

Robert Rauschingberg (1925-2008)

Some elements of Early Modernism photography, but using abstract banal objects 
Robert Frank (b.1924)

Moved to America from Europe 1950s,


Snapshots of everyday America,

Bits of the time,

Not universal work its about 1 place which is America,

His works about the subject matter.

Quote (slide 12)

William Klein (b.1928)

Born in New York,

Subject matter and form.

Big fashion photographer,

Street photographer,

Changes from Early Modernism 



Subject matter,

B. Architecture 

Characteristics in Early Modernism 


No extra decoration 

Machine aesthetic


Expressionism trend:

Nikolaus Pevsner (1902-83) – Main points from text:

Antoni Gaudi 1852-1926
Sant Elia 1888-1916
Eero saarinen 1910-61
The international style – evolution from early to late Modernism 
Minoru Yamasaki 1912-86
More freedom,

Bringing in of the outside of real life e.g street photography 


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