Contextual 22

Contextual studies 22
Late Modernism: what art are we referring to?

Areas of criticism:

 A. Exclusivism 

Art about art that means nothing to the outside world. It’s exclusive. It’s hard to understand. It’s inward looking, they didn’t like the media.

B.Political appropriation 

Main points from Guilbaut text:

Ottto dix.

Move to the US of avontgarde artists from Germany,


Late Modernism was disengaged from the real world, some abstract work was nothing to do with the time.

D. Loss of social idealism 

Late Modernism became disinterested in modern life, people loss faith in progress.

Art seems to lose its idealism.

Late Modernism was dominated by male artist.

They took the idea of extraction to extreme.

There was a growth of individualism. 

Background to late Modernism:

Changes in early Modernism:


Technology changes,

People moving to the city


Art was not about telling stories anymore,

Art be camera how it was made and what is was of,

The subjective vision of the artist

Photography filled up the roll of representative depiction! 
Changes in late Modernism:

The Second World War,

The end of idealism,


The growth of consumerism (tv,radio, mass production)

Design takes on a consumerist roll,

Things were being designed for status and not for better quality,

Pop art, 
The end of Modernism:


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