Shoot 2

For the second shoot I decided to shoot some portraits of my cat using the free lensing technique. I experimented with tilting the lens more to create more blur, this worked well but because I was shooting photographs of an animal and it moved unpredictably I found it difficult to focus properly.

cat fl2


cat fl1

In these first set of images I had trouble with light flair, which is light that could seep throw the gap between the lens and the camera body into the sensor. To combat this I moved back from the window out of the direct light.


cat fl5


cat fl6


cat fl4.5


cat fl3

After some patience I learnt how to manipulate the lens to find the points of focus.

I am happy with the outcome of this second shoot, I have progressed with the technique of free lensing. For my next shoot I would like to shoot a human subject again and maybe shoot on location outdoors, I would to see how far I could get the model away from me whilst still being able to get them in focus. I think the blur in the rest of the image will be considerably more out of focused which could create a big sense of drama.




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