Home Shoot

I took some lights to set up at home to do some portraits of my friend and my cat. I set them up in my living room as shown below.



I used a 50mm lens and shot at 1/60th of a second, F1.8 and at ISO 100. Here are what I shot.

002003004crook KIM

I also shot a portrait of Danny with things in the background and not just on a white background. Here is the set up.


I shot using the same camera settings, 50mm lens, ISO 100, F1.8, shutter 1/60.


I think this is the best shot out of all that I shot of Danny. I particularly like this because of the colours in the background, it gives a sense of depth to the image.

After I had set up to shoot with Danny my cat kept getting in either the background or in the way of the shots I wanted to take, so I shot a couple of images of him too.

knox door005




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