Black And White Film

I shot 3 still life photographs using black and white film. The camera I used was an Olympus OM10. I shot each photograph in the studio.

The first photograph I shot was of a old film camera I picked up in a charity shop. I used a soft box to light the camera. I placed the camera on a light wooden plank in the centre. I shot at 1/60 shutter speed F5.


The second still life photograph I shot was of the inside of a box where I placed leaves and an ornament apple. I used a flash to the right of the box with a snoot on to direct the light through the small gaps in the side of the box which in turn lit up the inside of the box and created lines inside the box made of light. I also used a soft box to the left of the box. I shot at 1/60 shutter speed F5. The flash was at high intensity.


The third photograph I shot was of several old pots. I placed them one after another smallest to largest. I placed the cracked one at the front because it had a lot of detail. I wanted to make use of the depth of field, I knew that each pot behind the first would be increasingly more blurred than the last. the last pot had a handle and I wanted to make this more visible, so I placed a flash behind the last pot with a snoot pointing at the handle. I lit the front pots with a soft box. I shot at 1/60 shutter speed F5.


I then went into the dark room and processed the film. Once developed I hung to dry. I then made a contact sheet and I tested each print to see the to see how long to expose to light.


The camera I exposed to light for 45seconds, the box I exposed for 55seconds and the pots I exposed for 45seconds. I then developed the each print. 1 minute in developer, 30 seconds in wash and 1 minute in fixer, whilst in each part of developing the print I gently rocked the print. after I placed in water to wash and then I left them to dry. I placed them in plastic sleeves to keep from ruining.




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