Self Portrait

For my second full length portrait I wanted to experiment with flash and long exposures.

I set the camera up on a tripod in the middle of the studio facing the warped wall, I then set up a flash next to the camera also facing the warped wall. I set the camera to 10 second exposure and I set the flash to go off by remote. I pressed the shutter and walked infant of the lens and pressed the flash whilst I was in a tucked position. I then did a backflip on my feet and pressed the flash again with the remote in my hand when I was upside down. My result was to exposures of me in the same image, one crouched and one upside down.


backflip flash

I am pleased at the outcome of the image but in post I changed it to black and white because I thought that all the colours in the image where distracting, also there is a warm tone to the coloured image that I don’t like.

back flip black white






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