Public Liability:

Public Liability, or PL as it is known, covers your liability for any damage you may due to another person, or property, accidentally whilst undertaking work. This could be a simple accident such as someone falling over a tripod to being “bumped” with a long lens right through to more serious issues that could leave people scarred or disabled for life.

Packages are available offering £1 million, £2 million and £5 million PL cover. If you are working in hotels, restaurants, for a Local Authority or in a shopping centre then the chances are you will be asked for the £5 million option. As with anything, the more cover you require the more expensive it becomes, but £2 million seems to be a popular starting point and you can always extend to £5 million for short term cover!



There is always potential in any photography work for your equipment to brake or get stolen. Some photographers feel that the equipment is their “life blood” and they couldn’t do without it so for them then insurance is the most sensible solution.

There are important things to think about when covering equipment for example making sure you insure ALL of it. All insurers operate a system called “averaging”. This means that if you have a total loss claim and you have not insured all your equipment, then you will only get a proportion of the value back. For example, if you have £10,000 worth of equipment and only insure ½ of it – say £5,000 then under the averaging clause you should not expect to receive more than ½ of your claim back – £2,500.


Employee Liability:

Employers Liability insurance (EL) is the most misunderstood cover that is available for the photographer today, so confusing are the rules and regulations that surround it even the Government are not sure! However, don’t let that put you off, as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) would be quick enough to prosecute you if they thought you should have it and you didn’t and there was an accident with someone who was assisting you.

If you don’t have EL cover and you should have then you could be taken to court and prosecuted.


Sites that offer insurance:


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