Shoot 6: Lark Hill 2

One of my main focuses on this work has been without doubt the riding of Danny, always available he has become almost the soul rider in this this project about BMX riders in Blackburn. He had been wanting to do a trick for a while off of a roof which sits in-between the two high rise flats at Lark Hill, we planned in advanced to shoot whenever the weather was good.

The opportunity arose and we set out to go to Lark Hill, on that day we had a few more rider joining us, Inman, Alex and Bailey.

At the location I realised that the roof was quite large and I wanted to put this into perspective when shooting the photographs of Danny, I positioned myself quite a way back from where he was going to do the trick, I wanted to get each step of the trick in the photograph so I used continues setting on my camera. Data below:

Exposure: 1/800sec at F/4.0 – sunny day/fast movements

Focal Length: 24mm – to fit as much in frame as possible.

ISO: 100 – sunny day

I then sequenced the 4 photographs I shot continuously whilst he was doing the trick and  put them all in one image using photoshop. The method is described in earlier posts i.e. “BMX Shoot – 24 to 105 lens test and sequencing”.


crook 180 2

I am very happy with the outcome of this photograph, I feel the composition works well, with the tallness of the building on the right giving and indication of scale, the clear sky background shows the trick Danny is doing clearly and you can easily follow the rider from the left to the right of the frame.



From here we left this location and I wanted to go to a potential place where we could have a good view of the town. We found a school near the hospital and rode our bikes close to it for a while and I shot some images of the BMXers here.

crook hop bench 2alex whip

I wanted to get shots of the riders doing tricks with a view of Blackburn in the background. But with both of these shots I feel that the riders get lost in the backgrounded it isn’t clear what they are doing. I think If I used flash to bring out the riders then the images would have been more successful.


Finally I shot an image of Danny standing with his bike in front of the view of Blackburn. I wanted to get a lot of the background In, I noticed that Danny’s shadow fell to the right of Danny so I placed Danny on the left of the frame and made sure to get all of his shadow in, this gave me enough room in the Frame to fit a lot of the view of Blackburn in.

crook shadow CLR1crook shadow BW1

I think this worked well, I tried it in black and white and feel it is better because the green of the field in the colour image was distracting.


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