1st Semester

I feel the first semester went well, I learnt a lot and was welcomed to my new learning environment with care and attention from staff. SWOT: Strengths of the first semester- Got on well with staff and students. Classes where frequent and informative. All the basics of photography were covered and I responded to this […]

Support Networks

There are advantages of becoming a member of an association like The Association Of Photographers, The Royal Photographic Society or The British Institute Of Professional Photographers. Associations aim to support all photographers in their work, regardless of location or speciality. The Royal Photographic Society explained that they “exist to promote photography to support photographers. It is […]

A Letter Of Application

Dear Sir/Madam   As a skilled and highly detail-driven photographer with experience in many different types of photography, I am looking to make an impact at your company. My background includes designing and setting up backgrounds, lighting, and props while monitoring supplies and leveraging specialty software equipment to drive photo shoot success. With my ability […]

Final Images And Evaluation

Image 1:   SWOT Analysis: What I was looking to achieve – Use the method of free lensing to emphasis the eyes. Create a small depth of field. Experiment portraiture indoors using natural light and free lensing.   What was successful – Created a small shallow depth of field. Only the focused on eyes. Creates […]

Shoot 3

For the third shoot I went out doors and shot the model on two backgrounds, one with trees and greenery and one with a plane bricked background. Once again exploring the method of free lensing. I shot the images at 1/320 of a second using a 50mm lens to free lens, ISO at 100.   […]

CV And Personal Statement

CV:   Personal Statement: I have a problem with time. It keeps passing at an annoyingly regular passé. But with a snap a moment in time can be captured, forever still, and I feel a little less troubled by the none stop tick of the clock. I began my journey into photography through my career […]


A pechakucha about my life and how I got into photography. 1. Ive had a BMX career for several years. 2. Ive travelled quite a lot with riding, in this slide there of photographs of me in the South of France, Ireland, Latvia, Prague, Torque and Clitheroe. 3. Some of my achievements through riding, signature […]