Contextual 22

Contextual studies 22 Late Modernism: what art are we referring to? Areas of criticism:  A. Exclusivism  Art about art that means nothing to the outside world. It’s exclusive. It’s hard to understand. It’s inward looking, they didn’t like the media. B.Political appropriation  Main points from Guilbaut text: Ottto dix. Move to the US of avontgarde […]

Contextual studies 21

Contextual studies 21: What ideas about society does art and/or the artists express? Early Modernism: Mostly positive idea of progress. Optimistic ideas for the future. From 1930’s Bauhaus was taken over by the nazis in Germany. Bauhaus moved to the USA and reopened. Hitler had a facist view to architecture. Late Modernism: A. cool school […]

Contextual 20

Contextual 20 Late Modernism- Disciplines 2  1. Early HIGH Modernism: .Avant-garde. .No Narrative. .Form.(composition) .Characteristics of the work obvious. .Challenging the viewer. .Serious. 2. Late Modernism  A. Photography  Robert Rauschingberg (1925-2008) Some elements of Early Modernism photography, but using abstract banal objects  Robert Frank (b.1924) Moved to America from Europe 1950s, Humour, Snapshots of everyday […]

Contextual 17

Contextual 17: Late Modernism- Materials and media 2 Other Late Modernist artists Jean Tingly (1925-91) Jean used recycled materials, what is interesting is that you use something that has an original form, giving the object a second life. He made memetic sculptures, sculptures that moved, Interested in humour in art. Used water in his sculpture […]

Contextual 15

Contextual studies 15: Late Modernism – Aesthetics: Key questions: What are the main characteristics of the work? 1. Abstract Expressionism  A. Barnet Newman (1905-70) What are the characteristics of the work? Large, Abstract, vertical lines (zip), parallel lines, intense colour  Newman’s attitude to aesthetics: Quote – slide 6  Art should elevate you, he thought had […]

Contextual 14

Contextual 14: Late Modernism – Subject Matter & Content  Early Modernism: Late Modernism:  1.Willem De Kooning (1904-97) Abstract Expressionism  Painting, Dutch arrived in America as a stowaway, 1940s lost off black and white painting, Interested in mythology, Liked the idea of flux (the finished painting might be different in the end than first planned),   […]

Contextual studies assignment 1

Brief:   I chose Henri Cartier-Bresson and his photograph, Paris Quai St Bernard to write about. This photograph was shot in 1932 in Paris by artist Henri Cartier-Bresson near the Gare d’Austerlitz railway station. It was earlier in Bresson’s career; this type of image was very new for the time. Made possible by the development of […]