Final Images And Evaluation

Image 1:   SWOT Analysis: What I was looking to achieve – Use the method of free lensing to emphasis the eyes. Create a small depth of field. Experiment portraiture indoors using natural light and free lensing.   What was successful – Created a small shallow depth of field. Only the focused on eyes. Creates […]

Shoot 3

For the third shoot I went out doors and shot the model on two backgrounds, one with trees and greenery and one with a plane bricked background. Once again exploring the method of free lensing. I shot the images at 1/320 of a second using a 50mm lens to free lens, ISO at 100.   […]

Health And Safety

“What health and safety law requires The basis of British health and safety law is the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. The Act sets out the general duties, which employers have towards employees and members of the public, and employees have to themselves and to each other. These duties are qualified in the […]

Shoot 2

For the second shoot I decided to shoot some portraits of my cat using the free lensing technique. I experimented with tilting the lens more to create more blur, this worked well but because I was shooting photographs of an animal and it moved unpredictably I found it difficult to focus properly.   In these […]

Shoot 1

For this first shoot I wanted to get to grips with the technique of free lensing, I used my camera, which is a canon full frame DSLR, a canon 5D Mark ii and an Olympus OM 10  50mm lens 1.8. I arranged to shoot some portraits with my model Richard in a room with large […]

Free Lensing Research

FreeLensing Free lensing is a technique used with interchangeable lens cameras in both film-based and digital photography. The lens is detached from the camera and held in front of the lens mount by hand during exposure. This technique can create similar effects as a tilt shift lens, but without the cost. Tilt shit lenses simulate […]


An essential part of photography since its inception has been portrait photography, or taking photographs of people. Going back to the dawn of mankind human beings have been trying to preserve their image, from cave paintings to Greek sculptures and the likes of paintings from the renaissance era, it seems to be in the human […]