Contextual studies 21

Contextual studies 21:

What ideas about society does art and/or the artists express?

Early Modernism:

Mostly positive idea of progress.

Optimistic ideas for the future.
From 1930’s

Bauhaus was taken over by the nazis in Germany. Bauhaus moved to the USA and reopened.
Hitler had a facist view to architecture.

Late Modernism:

A. cool school – Abstract Expressionism E.g…?

Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman where not interested in expressing issues of the day through their art. It was about life and death, it was art that you was expected to contemplate. The aesthetics was abstract.

B. This is tomorrow, Whitechapel Gallery London, 1956.
Ideas behind the show:

To demonstrate the expression of visual culture of the day. Several groups of mixed disciplines produced work. Visions of contemporary culture.
Taking ideas and creating 3D living environments.

Group 7 (text)

Attitude to disciplines?

Architecture changes space by the use of walls.

Painting modules test he membranes (decorate walls)

Sculpture makes you experience the space in a different way.

Main point need a fundamental unity to work together in an environment, it has got to work harmoniously.
Group 6 (text)

Similarities and differences?

Necessity of living life.

Piece of the world


Rocks natural object symbolising stability  
Group 12 (text)

What are they interested in? What are they against?

Against of art dividing life.

Art is a wider way of communication activity. 

Group 2 (text)

What are they for and against?

It’s about dicier and reading what Is already there 


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